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One goal - Almost a trillion ways to achieve it!

Demagnetize! is a simple to learn board game that will keep you challenged...



You are now in control and need to manually turn the valve matrix to safely flow the matter / antimatter into the central reaction chamber.  Adjacent valves are cross wired together due to the malfunction.  The oppositely charged particles magnetize the valves they pass through.  All valves need to be demagnetized by contact with neither or both particles for the reaction to complete successfully.  Once magnetized, a valve cannot be entered by a particle of the same charge.

Don't forget, oppositely charged particles flow in opposite directions!!!

As the levels increase, you will have to turn more valves.

Try to find the minimum number of moves possible in 52 (26 for the free version) levels of brain twisting fun.

Send challenges to other users with your best number of moves and time to beat.